I absolutely love fabric shopping. The vast varieties and multitudes of fabrics and other components such as yarns, beads, appliqué and such excites and motivates me.
I like to just hang these materials out or lay them where I can look and touch them whenever I walk by.
Sometimes it will take days or weeks, but eventually I'll start to envision and develop all kinds of different styles and ideas in my head and then something will click.  Then I start sketching. But, the magic happens when I actually start sewing. It may sound a bit crazy, but quite frequently I'll end up having a different final piece from the original sketch.  I'm like that, I enjoy being spontaneous and creative... you know... just playing with different, interesting materials.
That's why it's so fun making one-of-a-kind pieces.

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My recent collection is inspired by millions of shelter dogs.  I am a volunteer at Harbor Animal Shelter in San Pedro, CA and it's so painful to learn and realize so many of these animals will never get chances to survive. I am just one artist who feels pain for those that didn't make to live, but still so moved by some local shelter dogs I meet; still waiting and fighting to get a second or third change that they deserve... like Nestor the pit bull who inspired me so deeply. A Portion of proceeds will go to Berkeley Animal Care Services and to help local LA shelter dogs in need.
I would like to share this video of Max ( Rottweiler mix) that I met at the shelter and became my favorite while she was waiting to be rescued and I was honored to be in her 'waiting for adoption video'. 
Max is rescued!
Video by Luckiest Dog Alive
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